SFWeekly Article

A great article on Frolic was written by one of our regulars for the SF Weekly, which is a free weekly newspaper in San Francisco.  Although it was written for the online cultural blog portion of the newspaper, it's still a nice article.  Nice to see that it's focusing on the content of the event, and doesn't do something like focus on one or two bad apples that do negative, unwelcome things, potentially damaging the image of furries, and do not represent furries as a whole.



I havn't spent much time on LiveJournal lately.  Maybe in the future, when I'm in need of a new gucci cloned purse, or need to learn about some Russian goth bands.  Or if I just need to catch up on my Cyrillic...  Livejournal seems to be the place for that!

In the meantime, I'm on Facebook.  Hiding between lines of people posting links to obscure news articles about dogs making faces when they run, music videos from 80's bands no one ever heard of, and invites to events in other states.

Feel free to add me if you're on there:


Havn't gotten desperate enough to go Twitter yet.  But when I'm ready to hear what people are having for breakfast, or how they just ate the best Sushi ever, I know where to go!

(And yes, I promise to spam you with awesome furry events on Facebook!)


We picked up some intelligent lighting over the weekend.  Well, just one.  And a simple dmx controller.

For those that don't know what intelligent lighting is, it's lights that can be manipulated and controlled by a remote controller, or programmed to do specific functions.  Most often used in night clubs or stage events.

We just got one, but once we work out the details like how to best use it, we might get some more.  Running a dmx controller isn't an easy task, it can have a big learning curve as there's many ways to control many lights with many different controllers.

The light we got is also a Gobo.  Which stands for GO Between Optics.  Basically, you put a mask in front of the lens, and it will project that shape.  Think of a colored spot light of a custom shape (anthropomorphic!) that's moving and dancing around a dance floor...


That's the one we got.  It's an intro level one.  Not the brightest, but we don't really have a use to have a light 50' from where it will be hitting.  Inside of a night club with 9' ceilings, it will look great.

Now, the trick is we want to use our own custom Gobos.   Which means custom etched or laser cut metal (or glass) optics.  Gobos arn't that common, so it's hard to find some reasonably priced.  Places that specialize in them tend to use the etching process, which is more expensive.  Places that don't specialize in gobos, such as metal fabricators or i dunno, are alot cheaper because they do alot of laser cutting or etching, and have standard rates they use for the process.

So, not I'm searching out places to make gobos.

But more importantly, designs.  If anyone wants to throw some designs my way, I'd appreciate it!  Anthropomorphic, of course.  There's some tricks here, namely that these are going to be cut out of metal at about 1" width.  They can have a fair amount of detail, but they are cut like a stencil, so anything that might fall out when everything around it is cut out needs to have a bridge to gap it, that's at least .25 pt stroke weight.  Think of how stenciled letters are cut.  And while they can be great with one side being the top, it's nice to have some that are symetrical when rotated upside down, as the light can rotate the gobos at different speeds, which can be a nice effect.  One that i've already designed is a spiral of paw prints, for example.

Also, picked up a second light, this one not intelligent, more atmospheric, and not dmx controlled.  It's a light that projects through colored and textured glass to give a water effect.


These of course, added to the other club type lights we have like the laser field, and the digital projector.  We had an awesome party of 2 (plus 2 cats, one of which kept trying to chase any light that went across the wall), in my living room on Saturday, with all the effects lights in a small space on at once.

The Raptor!

For those of you who havn't heard, tomorow night, the Raptor is coming!

This 2' tall critter might look like a cute little bird, but don't be fooled!  Not much is known, they may be predetory pack animals, or they might be scavengers, but it is foretold by some wacko in Oakland who's been getting people to sell their houses and give him all their money, that the Raptor will be coming at 6pm on Saturday, May 21st!!!

So beware, ask for forgibness, for the Raptor is coming!!!



Just  think of the alternative to having the world end during your  generation.  Life will go on, humans will evolve, the greatest  innovations and greatest times of humanity will exist after you are  dead, and you'll never have seen humanity at it's greatest.  You will  not have lived at civilizations peak.  So which would you prefer?   Having seen the greatest and best, or dying before the best will ever  happen?

Unfortunately, there's some wacko's out there that hold the signs up on the street corners out there that say "the end is nigh", blame things like gay marriage for bringing god's wrath, and drink the coolaid.  Why?  Because they can't accept the fact that life will go on after they are gone, so they would much rather have it all end now.

Just to be clear, this current nutjob psycho who's screaming the world will end on Saturday is just one wacko trying to con money from his "believers".  He hasn't sold his home, he hasn't liquidated his wealth, in fact, his bank accounts have multiplied exponentially since he's screamed the world will end.  Meanwhile, some of his followers have sold everything and given all their money to him.

His HQ is about a mile from my house, and around here, everyone think's he a wacko.  People in Oakland do not think the world will end.  They do not think this guy is right.  In fact, most people in this city are not con men.

There are a couple of fun times planned for the weekend because of this though.  The best one I've heard is people encouraging you to go out, buy a couple pairs of shoes from goodwill, go to your local gas (ie, air) distributor, and buy some dry ice pellets.  At 6pm on Saturday, leave some shoes out with dry ice in them, some clothes scattered next to them.  And leave them.  Come back in a couple hours to clean it up of course.

Sunday, there's a huge party planned in downtown Oakland by the American Society of Atheists.  Ya, they're for real...  Maybe just as big of wacko's.

And we'll see how many of these wacko's wake up on Sunday, realizing they have been left behind.  And with no savings, no homes, nothing to keep them going, only one way to catch up to their friends who have been raptured, hopefully to many don't follow in the footsteps of heaven's gate or Jim Jones.


No bunny jam this year.  A bunch of bunnies will be crashing the Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence annual Easter event in Doloris park on Easter Sunday.  So look for 100 bunnies in a crowd of 10,000.

So, this leaves some time open for me.  Wanted to have a house party some time, either then or any time really.  But Jody is against having a party, so I'm starting to think of the next best thing.

Party elsewhere!  Looking to do something that isn't Frolic.  Something more laid back and low key.  But maybe combining my two favorite elements, music and furries!

I'm thinking a daytime event in Joaquin Miller, Tilden, or Redwood Regional Park (all above Oakland/Berkeley).  Some place where we can set up a easy up, a small sound system, BBQ pit...  Gotta be a little isolated, and have plenty of nearby parking.  I know there's a bunch of spaces that can be reserved, but I gotta scope out what those are like.  I know the perfect spot would be the horse arena up in Redwood Regional park.  It's often unused, and very isolated.  But with my luck, I'd plan it and then show up on a day when they have a miniature pony show...

If anyone has any suggestions on locations, let me know!


I got the B-Air BB-1 fan for frolic.  Turned the thing on in my kitchen pointed up, and suddenly lint balls were being pulled from under the fridge and the stove, and papers were being pulled away from magnets on the fridge.  And the thing sounds like a jet engine.

Looking into it, the motor is an induction motor, aka magnetic motor.  So I'm not sure it would be possible to put it on a dimmer (motor speed controller will not work either).  I can make a sound box, but that's pretty big (about like a sound box for a generator).

Might be ok at Frolic, since it is a loud nightclub and I can put it up next to the speaker stacks which will be much louder.

Will have it with me at Frolic on Saturday.  Will see how it does in that space.  It does get hot there, but I don't want to create too much wind and this thing is very powerful.

Was hoping to be able to use it at home during the summer, since I have no AC, but it's way to powerful for home use.