neonbunny (neonbunny) wrote,

Death of a Fox

I've been very fortunate with my DJ work, that I had many chances to play all over the place this summer. Seemed like every week or so, I had a gig, many of them at daytime festivals. Had alot of fun, and things are kind of slowing down for me now.

One thing I've been struggling with is my identity issues as a dj. I've often taken the name of a costume (or character) and used it to brand myself in different directions. I've been using NeonBunny since about 2002. This name came about after I made a new bunny costume for bunny jam, and someone politely called me "Neon".

So I've been using NeonBunny for some time now, but when I started to dj out more often, playing techno, I wanted to have an identity that lets people know that I don't plan on playing the wierd cacouphony sample sound collage bunny music that they may be familiar with NeonBunny playing at BunnyJam, and that I can play good music as well. Dance music, techno, electro, even very ground breaking sounds that are completely unique and set me apart from every other dj that can only play the same house and trance records that every other dj who shops at the same record store plays.

And it was about that time, that I made a new costume, called Starfox. So, I took on that costume to represent my normal dj music style.

But now I'm at a crossroads. I have just made a new costume (a white mouse), and I plan on re-making my bunny costume again, with better materials. I am no longer indentified as being that dj from BunnyJam, as most people are more familiar with my music elsewhere. So rather than come up with a new name to go with a new costume, I decided to just go back to being neonbunny. In specific, I will be DJ NeonBunny for my normal music, and in the spring, I will go by The NeonBunny Experiment for my sound collages of Easter music.

I've also revamped my web site to reflect this.

And with this, I've uploaded a new mix. I wanted to do a mix that kinda shows that I can play mainstream dance music, and do it well. This particular mix, I used to submit myself to dj at a furry convention in January, so there are a couple of songs on there that you might not get unless you understand the whole furry thing. It wasn't an easy mix to put together. With most genre's, 95% of the music sucks, and you really have so sift through alot of crap to find the gems. Well, with pop dance music, it's about a 99.5% suck rate. So there's alot less good stuff out there, and it's much harder to find. But I like to think the most important thing about being a dj, is having good musical taste.

The most surprising thing to me was that I actually opened the set with Banarama. So this set contains some Euro-dance tracks, some house music, and some cyber trance. Pretty much the whole spectrum of what you would typically hear at the popular dance clubs over the past 10 years.

DJ NeonBunny - Disco Dance (46 minutes, 68 megs)

Comments welcome and encouraged, and please, if you have any suggestions on good artists or songs that would go along with this set, let me know!
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