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Bunny Jam

I posted this to as well. We're looking for more bunnies to get involved in bunny jam this year. In particular, we are really interested in bunnies who want to create some sort of interactive art, or installation piece in the barn.

Of course, always looking for bunnies who are interested in volunteering for set up, or during the event, or providing bunny themed content (video's, audio, art, etc!).


site to be updated soon.

date is set for Saturday, April 7th.

this year, we have a wonderful awesome space with all kinds of great thematic magic (think castle, think barn, think medieval, think naughty).

we hope to do something a little different, and invite bunnies who want to do some sort of interactive installation. we have an area we hope to do for this, which itself is broken into different areas, a bunch of them smaller (think stable stalls), and some bigger. and we want you - yes, you bunny - to do something cool for that space.

there is sound bleed into this area from the main room, so anything involving silence or your own sound system may not work. same with light bleed for projections. (we might be able to work out another space if your idea is just that cool)

be creative. be far out. the only concept is that it be more bunny than anybunny.

you can send me a personal email (good for if you need help brainstorming) to (I will print it out and take it to our next gathering), or send an email to with your ideas.

- NB
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