neonbunny (neonbunny) wrote,

Bunny Jam

Bunny O' Jam – The Luck of the Harish
March 22nd, 8pm-4am
535 Florida Street, San Francisco

Once again, we have another great bunny event coming up. And once again, we move to a new venue, with a new vibe. Will be interesting to see how this venue works out. And just like ever venue, each venue has it's unique quirks and things to issues to work out. This space, Whisper, is actually a nightclub (my apologies to the under 21 crowd, 21+ is required as they have a liquor license). A nice nightclub. Big space. They have a kitchen that serves food all night. Multiple levels. Outdoor patio.

It's gonna be a good jam.  And i'm planning on finishing my shift early (10pm), so I can enjoy the night.

Also, should let people know that one thing about being a "jam", is seeing how many bunnies we can "jam" into the venue. For most events, no one wants to get there early, as there's nothing going on and the best dj's arn't until late. Well, bunny jam is different. We're all about the art. You get there early, and you can actually see the art, enjoy it, interact with it. Some of our best entertainment will also be early. Personally, if I was the kind of person who "hates crowds", but enjoys a good event, I'd get there at 8pm, and hang out until midnight. That will be the magic time. After that, will be the mass pounding bunny hopping craziness that will continue until 4am.

Also, volunteers...  We still need help. Want to get in for free? Yes, we need help setting up. We only have the day of to make the space look magical, so help us out. Also need help with bunnification (can you face paint?). And stage managing. And few other areas as well. Contact me, or send an email to
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